Wine Bottle Photography

Back before I was a full-time photographer, I would photograph wine bottles at nights and on the weekends when I wasn't working at my "real" job. I reinvested the money I earned from those shoots back to the business. Flora Springs was my first client. They had asked if I could shoot their bottles, and I naively said yes. They were horrible, and I vowed to learn so I could deliver a product I was proud of. It took months of daily practice and hundreds of dollars in new equipment until I thought I got it looking good.

After literally thousands of bottles later and about ten years of experience, I'm still learning new techniques and tricks. Photographing wine bottles requires creativity, special lighting, experience, technical photography, and even a little Photoshop. It's also hugely important to create images that reflect the winery's marketing.

You can follow along by heading over to my Instagram page for future images or see below for past examples:

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