Years ago, I was working on a project for the Napa Valley Vintners capturing images of how the funds raised from Auction Napa Valley were being used in our community. One of the places I visited was the Rianda House in St Helena. During my time there, I got to talking to some of the guests. The stories they were telling me and the wisdom they were sharing just really hit me deep. I realized then and there that these stories needed to be shared before it was too late.

Earlier this year before it all went to the COVID crapper, I was asked by the Town of Yountville to participate in hanging up some art in their community center for the month of November. I figured this was the perfect opportunity to resurrect my idea and capture the images and tell the stories of our veterans -- most of whom are seniors staying at the Yountville Veterans Home. So back in February, I set up a little studio and captured my images. Unfortunately, I never had the chance to really finish the project nor was I able to hang the images, because...2020.

Howard Halla

Joe Harbison

Caleb Sutter

Joe Martinez

Mavis Clark

Jay Adams

Mickey Gandel

Pat Trammell

Norm Laniewicz

Henry Goldfield

Wesley Freestone

Georgia Patterson

John Ruark

Ron Trammell

Arnold Genna

James McNair

Gary Dorff

Bill Brooke

Wesley Freestone

Bill Clark

Charles Conaway

Rose Brooke

Bob Bischoff

Sandy Sauter

Dorothy Goode

Joseph Clary

Paul Maier

Keith Gestring

Barbara Corfee

Richard Etheridge

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