Years ago, I was working on a project for the Napa Valley Vintners capturing images of how the funds raised from Auction Napa Valley were being used in our community. One of the places I visited was the Rianda House in St Helena. During my time there, I got to talking to some of the guests. The stories they were telling me and the wisdom they were sharing just really hit me deep. I realized then and there that these stories needed to be shared before it was too late.

Earlier this year before it all went to the COVID crapper, I was asked by the Town of Yountville to participate in hanging up some art in their community center for the month of November. I figured this was the perfect opportunity to resurrect my idea and capture the images and tell the stories of our veterans -- most of whom are seniors staying at the Yountville Veterans Home. So back in February, I set up a little studio and captured my images. Unfortunately, I never had the chance to really finish the project nor was I able to hang the images, because...2020.

Howard Halla

Joe Harbison

Caleb Sutter

Joe Martinez

Mavis Clark

Jay Adams

Mickey Gandel

Pat Trammell