The Illegals

The Illegals is an Eagles cover band here in Northern California. They asked me to produce some new band photos, and they didn't want the typical "band on the railroad tracks" shots. The band had come across a bar in Santa Rosa with a wall decorated with palm trees reminiscent of the Eagles' Hotel California album cover.

The Kozy Kar Bar in Santa Rosa is the diviest dive bar I've ever encountered. Let's just say it was packed with '70s and '80s images and trinkets. And it was dark...even in the afternoon. Not conducive to getting group photos.

And that's where it gets technical. I had to put the camera on a tripod, take a background photo with a long exposure, bring the guys in, light them individually, then composite all the images into one. In keeping with the theme, I added a filter that made the final images a little more film like.

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