Festival Napa Valley 2019

Festival Napa Valley is an organization that raises money for arts education in Napa Valley schools as well as provides a platform for musicians to play in the valley.

This is the fifth year I've been photographing Festival Napa Valley (formerly celebrated as Festival del Sole). It's a marathon festival that is known as "the ten best days of summer", but it's actually thirteen days of events. Over the course of the festival, I photographed 23 events which usually consisted of a luncheon, a musical performance, and a dinner. And from the images below you can tell these are big productions.

My job is to photograph everything. All images were delivered before going to bed, and select images were uploaded during the event for social media. I took about 2500 images and delivered about 1600.

So many incredible moments, but my highlights include photographing Seal, meeting Astronaut Don Pettit (who is also a photographer), watching Star Wars accompanied by a live orchestra, and shooting the Diavolo dancers.

For the camera stats:

Images delivered: 1582


  • Fujifilm X-T3 (87%)

  • Fujifilm X-H1 (13%)


  • 8-16 (5%)

  • 16-55 (10%)

  • 50-140 (24%)

  • 16 (6%)

  • 23 (2%)

  • 35 (31%)

  • 56 (21%)

  • 80 (1%)

Flash used on 4% of the shots.

Edited in Capture One.