Lots of work...not a lot of pay...but fills my cold, dead heart with a little joy.

Secretly photographing marriage proposals is a little thing I do. Somehow, I've become known for it, so I guess it's time to do a retrospective on some of my favorite images from the 56 I've photographed over the years.

Usually, I work with the guy and arrange the details. We'll figure out a location and time over emails. On the actual day, I'll get there a little early and scout out the location. I'll text him with actual position I want him to get down on one knee, and I'll get in a hidden area to photograph. It usually works out as planned, but sometimes he gets nervous and doesn't follow directions. I've even been known to restage the proposal because it didn't work out at all. One time, the guy totally blew it and proposed in the wrong area of the winery. That one was redone. I've had other instances where the girl didn't like how she looked, so we redid that one as well. It's very important to have everything perfect for the 'Gram.

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