2018 Sonoma County Barrel Auction

The Sonoma County Barrel Auction is a live auction of wine futures from the premiere wineries of Sonoma County. Two lots were specifically put together as a way to raise funds for the Sonoma County Vintners Emergency Relief Fund which brought in almost $100,000. The event was two days of wine tasting, perfect weather, lush landscapes, and fun. As with most things Sonoma, it has a very different vibe than the Premiere Napa Valley auction.

I get asked to do a lot more events than I have time for. I hate turning down people, because I know they're just going to contact the next photographer in the phonebook. In the case of the Sonoma County Barrel Auction, I was the beneficiary of the original photographer being booked already. Sonoma County is becoming a much bigger portion of my business, as I'm driving there a few times a week now for various jobs.

Here are a few of images from the events: