Vineyard 36

As my wife will attest, I love a schedule. Unfortunately, I don't really have a schedule anymore. I work when clients need me to work. Try as I might to want to schedule outdoor portraits at dawn or dusk, clients always want to shoot outside in the middle of day.

Case in point, I get a text Monday afternoon asking if I'm available to shoot at 6am the next day. I told him that I wasn't busy, because I'm usually asleep at 6am. And to top it off, the shoot was in Calistoga...maybe even closer to Santa Rosa. Over an hour's drive from my bed.

I met these guys in one of their vineyards. Three Vineyard 36 dudes, their winemaker, David Tate, and the vineyard manager. Two of the aforementioned three dudes are professional hockey players. Cam Ward and Tim Gleason have partnered to make wine under the Vineyard 36 label. Honestly, I'm not a hockey fanatic, so I didn't know who they were until I got back to the studio and Googled them. Let's just say I'm thankful that I didn't do anything to tick them off.