Tom Rinaldi

Tom Rinaldi is a character. Sure he's known as one of the premiere winemakers in the world, but he's probably just as well known for being "Tom Rinaldi". Everyone knows who he is. Everyone respects who he is. And everyone likes who he is. 

He started his career making wines at Duckhorn for about 20 years then moved on to Diageo making wines at Hewitt and Provenance before "retiring". Now, Tom is an avid bike rider and does a little wine consulting on the side. His latest client is Pellet Estate, which is where I come in.

I was shooting some video of Tom as he tastes through the barrels of Pellet's next vintages. When I noticed him standing in front of this silver door with the stainless steel barrels, I turned the camera sideways and captured this quick shot:

tom rinaldi pellet estate winemaker napa photographer