real estate

It's not something I promote very often -- or at all -- but I do make photos of new real estate listings for realtors.  There's a lot of work that goes in to making them.  And a lot of time, too.  When I write "make", I really mean make.  For each photo, I move furniture, rugs, cat food, high chairs, toys, etc. to help clean up the floor.  I also take multiple images at different exposures of each setup and combine them in Photoshop.  That way, you can see the view outside the windows.  Sometimes, even that doesn't work, and I'll have to cut out the windows and replace them with other exposures, so you can see the sunset off the front porch.  If the view out the windows isn't all that awesome, then I'll just let the light be naturally bright, so you can't see the view.  I also use a special lens called a tilt-shift lens that allows me to have straight walls.  And finally, I use a special setting on my camera to get those little flares from lights.  Like I wrote, it's a lot of time, but I know it makes the listing easier to sell.

Here are some recent examples: