Rachel and Jason's Sonoma Wedding

A couple of weeks ago, I got a call from the Concierge of the Valley. They were organizing a wedding for a couple of SoCal folks. It was to be a very small affair with a total of eight people. The bride described it as a "guerrilla-style ceremony."

Yesterday, we started off at her friend's house in Sonoma where the bride and groom got dressed and did the first look (he didn't cry dang it). They then got in to a waiting limo for a ride to the Bartholomew Park Winery. And this is where it got really guerrilla style: we trespassed in to a secluded park surrounded by vineyards. They performed the ceremony under the trees. From there, we went back to their hotel room in Yountville where they did the toast and signed the wedding contract. Back in the limo for a ride to The French Laundry for the reception (to which I wasn't invited -- double dang it!)