Post Processing

I'm often asked, "Has that been Photoshopped?" I answer with a no even though I know that the question they're asking is not what they want to know. They want to know if I've altered the image. In that case, the answer is "yes." 

I shoot in raw. That means the image has to be processed. Shooting in raw allows me more flexibility to process the image how I like it. Most people fire off an image, and the camera saves it as a JPEG. That JPEG has already been processed to how the camera manufacturer thinks the image should look. I don't want Nikon to make that decision for me, so I process the image my way.

I use an application called Adobe Lightroom CC to manage, process, and export my images. I rarely go in to Photoshop to do any actual image editing. Photoshop is used for advanced portrait retouching (even though no one actually needs it) or to cut out bottles.

Below you can see an example of the raw image and the post processed one. Basically, I lowered the contrast and increased the vibrance.