Nikon D4S

The purpose of my blog is to share images of all the cool stuff I get to do as a photographer. I don't discuss gear very much (not at all unless someone asks), because I don't think gear has much to do with being a photographer. I mean, sure, photographers need cameras and stuff, but it's not all about the gear.

During the Napa Valley Film Festival, Nikon lent me a D4S to use. My Nikon D810 was in the shop getting repaired after my car accident damaged it. I ended up using it exclusively and actually kinda liked it.

The camera is Nikon's top of the line. It's really made for sports photographers, since it has great low light capability and can shoot at 10 frames per second. During the film festival, I never needed to shoot at 10 frames per second, but I did utilize its high ISO capabilities. I only went beyond 6400 ISO less than 4% of the time, so I couldn't see ever justifying its $6500 price tag. My D810 even looks better at 25,600 ISO.

The thing I liked most about the camera was the 16 megapixel files. Everything is faster with 16 megapixels versus the 36 in my D800E and D810. Importing, editing, exporting, uploading are all downright quick. 

Here's an image taken at ISO 25,600 without any noise reduction: