Hot Air Ballooning in the Fall

My good pals at Visit Napa Valley asked me to grab some shots of the fall colors from high above the valley. The colors this time of year are spectacular and rank right up there with winter's yellow mustard and summer's green leaves. All the vines have turned to gold or red. Combined with the colorful hot air balloons and morning sky, it is a true eye feast.

I got up early and headed to Yountville to catch my ride with Napa Valley Aloft. After some coffee and a brief, uhh, briefing, we headed out to our assigned balloons which were getting blown up in the parking at V Marketplace. We hopped in and gently blasted to the sky. The wind was not cooperating, and we never went beyond Yountville. We landed maybe 100 yards from where we took off. I didn't get the images I wanted since we never went over any vineyards, but here's what I did come up with: