Festival del Sole 2015

It was described as a marathon. And it was. A marathon of sprints.

Festival del Sole (so-lay) hired me to photograph twenty-six events over twelve days. Select images had to be delivered same day, and all remaining images were delivered by 11am the next day in order to allow the media to have photos to accompany their articles. I was working from 9am-midnight for ten days in a row. And to top it off, I was trying to fit in as much other clients' work as I could. It was a long stretch for sure.

But I would never complain about my job. I know I am one lucky ducky. I get to have full access to every major event in the valley. I get to hobnob with actors, musicians, chefs, winemakers, and the social elite. During Festival del Sole, I got to meet Kevin Spacey and Gordon Getty. I got to drink wines from Opus One, Far Niente, Hewitt, Hess, Buena Vista, Dark Matter, Spring Mountain, Silver Oak, Darioush, Quintessa, and more. I got to eat meals prepared by the finest chefs in the valley. I got to experience world-class entertainment. And best part of all: I was paid to do it.

Festival del Sole is an event that celebrates music, wine and food with proceeds going to arts and education.

I delivered over 1500 images, and here are a few of my favorites:

Sorry for all the photos. There was a lot to cover.