Favorite Portraits of 2015

Although I'm more well known for shooting events and landscapes, I want to be well known for making portraits of people. And when I write "making", I really mean making. Good portraits (usually) don't just happen. Even when people hire me to photograph them, as soon as the big camera comes out, they get all nervous and self conscious. And these are the same people I see posting a daily selfie, so I know they're not afraid of being photographed.

The technical stuff is easy. What's hard is learning how to direct people and get them to be quickly at ease in front of the camera. I participated in the ENGAGE Art Fair back in April, and I learned a lot about making portraits over that weekend. It seems as soon as I bring the camera up to my eye, people (usually women) start worrying about how they look. They won't smile because of the wrinkles. They tilt their heads up to get rid of the double chin. Their shoulders stiffen up. They are worried they look fat. They are concerned about their age. All these things start running through their minds and the portrait session stops. I can't photograph someone when they start dwelling on all this stuff. I need them at ease and interacting with the camera. How to get people to do that? That's the question.

In 2016, I want to continue experimenting with portraiture so hit me up if you need a new Facebook profile pic.

Here are my favorite portraits of 2015: