Erin Sanders

One more little story about BottleRock then that's it. Until next year, that is...

There was a constant stream of actors, athletes, and musicians rolling through the media lounge. They came in for press conferences, step-and-repeats with fans, interviews, or just respite from the noise. We were told to be cool -- no selfies, no iPhone snaps, no autographs.

Every so often, I'd have to come back to the computer to offload some images from the camera. If celebrities came in while I was there, then I was asked to photograph them -- usually in front of a white BottleRock backdrop with only my camera flash. In other words, harsh, unflattering light. So when Erin Sanders came in wearing her "particularly cute outfit" (her words, not mine), I photographed her in front of the white backdrop and told her these images are not great. She suggested we go outside to get some shots. I told her that I was game, so off we went into the crowds. 

It was just before Michael Franti hit the stage, and the sun was low in the sky. We walked around for about a half hour just taking some images of her. She was not embarrassed at all and willingly did anything I suggested. She asked if I'd come back during the show and get some images of her dancing. We met up in the VIP area and I got some shots of her with the stage in the background. 

Turned out to be one of the highlights of the weekend.