BottleRock 2016

This is the fourth year I've photographed for BottleRock. I don't shoot many concerts, and no event comes close to this magnitude. It's a massive production, and the biggest event in the Napa Valley. 

I wanted to do something different than everyone else, so I borrowed some special photo equipment and shot all the concerts in black and white. 

There really isn't a secret to photographing concerts. Like all good photographs, you try to capture some sort of emotion in interesting light. The problem is you have no control over either. If the band is boring and the light is boring, the image is going to be boring.

Access is key. You need access to get in the gate with your camera. Access to "the pit". Access to the stage. Access to backstage. Access to the artist. The better the access, the more intriguing the images because few people get to see that side of things. Being in "the pit" gets you close, but you're still shooting from a bad angle and we only get to shoot during the first two songs. You have to earn your access...or know the right people with access.

Here are some of my favorite images:

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