BottleRock 2015

This is the third time I've shot for BottleRock. It's not as glamorous as it reads. 

Yes, I get to meet and photograph famous athletes, actors, and rock stars, but that's not actually my real job. My real job is to document the festival so BottleRock has lots of images to promote next year's festival. Heck, they didn't really even want us photographing the bands. We get to do that as a perk. I spent the majority of my time taking photos of boring stuff like the sponsors, people interacting at the booths, food, wine, and crowds. I've always said this, but my job as an event photographer is to capture beautiful people having fun. Never more true than with BottleRock.

The real fun for me is photographing entertaining bands which sadly didn't happen very often. I expect some showmanship with my live music show. Most bands just stand there and play their instruments with extreme boredom. And boredom is not an emotion that I care to capture. I get that they want to be cool, but they might just as well play a CD (or whatever kids are listening to nowadays.) But I digress.

The photographic highlights for me were Capital Cities, Cage the Elephant, Michael Franti, Young the Giant, AWOLNATION, Finish Ticket, and Public Enemy. All bands that were just plain entertaining to watch.