like a rolling stone

This is my pal, John Lockwood.

John is the owner and winemaker of Enfield Wine Co.  “Enfield” is his middle name.  He makes four different wines: a Tempranillo, a Syrah, a Chardonnay, and a Cabernet Sauvignon…that he says is unlike any other Cab because of its cold climate grapes.  I’ve tried them all except the Cab (hint, hint), and they’re all fantastic.  He describes his winemaking process as a modern spin on classic techniques.  He was listed as one of the San Francisco Chronicle’s “Winemakers to Watch” earlier this year.

John came to Napa from Washington, D.C. What brought him here?  Wine.  It’s a story I hear a lot from my winemaking friends.  If you want to be in the film or TV industry, you move to LA.  If you want to be a winemaker, you move to Napa.  He worked for a bit at Failla making his Enfield wines on the side until something wonderful happened — his girlfriend, Amy Seese (who works at the St. Helena Chamber of Commerce), gave birth to their little girl, London.  He left Failla to became a stay-at-home dad.  When his wines started to become increasingly popular, he no longer had time to take care of both London and his burgeoning business, so now he’s devoted all his time to growing Enfield Wine Co.

This is another in my Facebook portrait project.  To see the rest, visit the gallery.

This one’s called “Like a Rolling Stone”.