the mona linda

As part of my ongoing weekly Facebook portrait series, my last subject was my friend Linda.  She's an art gallery owner, and so I thought she deserved to be photographed as a piece of art.  And what's the most famous piece of art?  I don't know, but I'll bet the Mona Lisa is right up there.  I studied the Mona Lisa and set up a chair, a light, and a white background in the same fashion as the painting.  Linda came in to the studio, I posed her, and shot two photos.  Done.

I went back to my computer and fired up Photoshop.  I cut her out of the background, dropped in a photo I'd taken years ago that I thought looked similar to the one in the painting, then mixed in another photo of cracked paint.

In all, it took about an hour complete the portrait.  It was a fun experiment, and she loved it.