the cookie master

Everyone loves Annie's cookies.
She has single handedly added more fat to my belly than anyone else I can think of.  Her cookies are unique in shape, texture, and flavor.  They are simply the best cookies I've ever tasted.  My personal favorite is the GingaMolly.  But the Oatmeal Double Chocolate Chip is really good.  And the UltiMalt.  Oh, and I forgot about the Black Forest.  For my wife's birthdays, Annie makes a special medium pizza sized cookie that's half Semisweet Chocolate Chunk (without the chocolate chips) and half SugaRainbow (without the sugar.)  A cookie that should last a week really only lasts until we go to bed.
You know what people love more than Annie's cookies?  Annie herself.  She's just one of the nicest, most giving, and outgoing people on the planet.  My wife made mention a couple of weeks ago that none of the people are smiling in the portraits I've done for this project.  When I thought of whom should be next, I immediately thought of Annie.  When she came to the studio to do her shoot sitting atop of one of her giant cookies, it took maybe two minutes of actual shooting time.  She was here for almost two hours.  I now know everything about everyone in the valley.
Her cookies can be found online and at various stores throughout the valley.  My suggestion, however, is to make a point of visiting her at the farmers markets in Napa and St. Helena.  That way, you'll not only get the freshest cookies, but you'll get to experience Annie.
This one's called "The Cookie Master".