kylie rocks

This is Kylie Kirkpatrick.

I first heard of The Kylie at last year’s BottleRock festival.  She was acting as a sign language interpreter for the comedians.  Now you might be thinking, “Well, OK, that sounds reasonable.”  And it is reasonable.  What’s not reasonable is that Kylie just jumped on stage and started doing it.  The comedians had fun with it, and Kylie became part of the act.

Step forward a year, and she’s invited back as a legitimate interpreter for this year’s BottleRock.  I saw her on the stages signing the lyrics, but Kylie didn’t simply go through the motions…no she was up there performing.  For example, while Outkast is bounding about on stage, Kylie is also dancing, singing, and signing just off the main stage.  André 3000 sees this and now is including her as part of the show.  It becomes “Outkast with special guest Kylie”.

Kylie had been a sign language interpreter for many years.  Since her performances at BottleRock, her career has forked in an interesting way.  Less and less, she’s interpreting for doctors and is now being booked to go on tour with musicians.  As you can tell by looking at her, she is much more natural at interpreting lyrics versus doctor’s orders.  She’s found her niche and has invented a whole new career.  No one else does what Kylie does.  She’s having fun while blazing her own trail.

One thing I realized while talking with her is that I’m starting to see a common thread.  In doing this project, I’ve realized that most of my friends have ditched a job they didn’t like and starting doing something they love.  Maybe that’s more common than I first realized or I’m just hanging out with other people like me.  Doesn’t matter…I love it either way.

This one’s called “Kylie Rocks.”