i wanna be a cowboy

This is Todd Anderson.

Todd is the owner and winemaker at Anderson's Conn Valley Vineyards. But he is probably more well known for his other label — the famed Ghost Horse Vineyards. Ghost Horse wines are no-holds-barred Cabernet Sauvignons made in extremely small quantities. The wines are a not so secretive secret in the wine world where they have taken on an almost mythical status. Few have heard of Ghost Horse wines, and fewer have sampled them.

Todd is an imposing figure. He's very tall (which is emphasized by his cowboy boots and hat), he drives an extra high yellow Hummer, he has a reputation for being a bad boy, and he makes the most expensive wines in the world. But the truth is, he's actually very cool and generous. I enjoyed hanging out with him. And his wines.

This week's portrait is kind of a cheat. Shooting BottleRock last weekend, preparing for shooting Auction Napa Valley this weekend, and working on other clients in between, I literally only had two hours during which I could photograph someone. I was on assignment a few weeks ago to shoot Todd, and this photo came from that shoot.

This one's called "I Wanna Be a Cowboy".