happy fourth

This is Chelli Warnock. 

No, she's not running for congress.  She's actually the Vice President of Marketing for Keith M. Webster Cellars.  Not coincidentally, Chelli's boyfriend is named Keith Webster.  She gave up teaching kids for selling wine. Which, when you think about it, kinda makes sense...having kids makes you want to drink wine.  She also does a little public relations consulting on the side as C. Warnock & Associates.

There's a story about the backdrop that I wanted to share. A few weeks ago, I came across this backdrop on a photography supply website. I thought it was pretty cool but it was $600. Six hundred dollars. Plus shipping. I thought that a little more than ridiculous, so I passed. I figured I might be able to get something similar at Hancock Fabrics here in Napa for cheap, so I stopped in one day last week. I was overwhelmed at the "sheer" quantity of fabrics in the store. Luckily, a nice woman came over and offered to help. I told her what I was wanting and she led me right to it.  As she was cutting the fabric, I told her why I wanted it.  She asked if I knew how to sew the pieces together. I, of course, did not. She then offered to sew it for me. I said sure. I didn't ask how much because it really didn't matter. I paid for my material, and she said it would be ready in a couple of days. 

I returned on Monday to pick up my fancy new backdrop, but the lady said she didn't bring it with her. My first thought was "Why is she taking this home with her to sew it?"  She tells me she's off work at 11 and to give her a call then.  OK. This is officially odd now. I call her and she says that she lives near my studio and will drop it off.  This awesome person offered to a total stranger to sew a backdrop together and delivers it to my studio when she's done and never asked for anything in return.  How cool is that?!  I did set her up with some wine for the record. 

This one's called "Happy Fourth".