eat, drink, love

Please meet Mecaela Miller.
Mecaela runs an event planning company called The Rooted Fork.  Her two biggest clients are BottleRock and the Napa Valley Film Festival (not coincidentally, they’re mine too.)  When she’s not working full time for them, she also sprinkles in some smaller events.
Everyone loves Mecaela.  She’s just one of the sweetest, most down-to-earth people on, uh, Earth.  Unless it means working with chocolate fountains, then don’t mess with her.  But that’s a different story.  
She is especially important to me.  A lot of my jobs and clients I owe directly to her recommendation.  She’s always willing to suggest my name when one of her clients needs a photographer.  I never would have shot last year’s BottleRock if it hadn't been for Mecaela, for example.
While I photograph Mecaela quite often as she’s working, she’s not always dressed to thrill while taking out the garbage.  So, I asked her to come to the studio wearing makeup, coiffed hair, and a nice outfit.  She shows up in typical Mecaela Glam: white shirt, knee-less jeans, and sandals.  Then we end up outside in the blustery wind.  Didn’t matter — she rocked the photos.
This one is called “Eat, Drink, Love”.