drink pink

I'd like you all to meet David James.

David makes wine.  Actually, he makes rosé.  Actually, he makes delicious, high-end Define rosé.  It’s good stuff, and it’s not your typically sweet, innocuous rosé.  Most rosés are made to drink without much analysis; you drink them while doing something else.  This is a serious rosé that makes you stop what you’re doing and take notice.  It’s made from the best grapes and fermented in oak barrels.

And since making wine is a non-profit endeavor, he also works as a tour guide for Napa Private Tours.  His guests love that they’re being escorted throughout the valley by a real winemaker.

What I find most interesting about David is his story…

A few years ago, he went to Italy with his family and was introduced to wine and winemaking.  When he got back to Boston, he Googled winemaking and discovered that the Napa Valley is the premiere region in the US.  He left home and moved to Napa to realize his dream of making wine.  You have to admire anyone who is willing do what it takes to live their aspirations.  It’s not necessarily a unique story, as there are a lot of people who move to the valley to make wine.  What is unique is that he didn’t make billions somewhere else and decided to buy a winery then hire a winemaker to make his wines.  He’s doing it all himself one bottle at a time.  He “Defines” a young entrepreneur. 

This one’s called “Drink Pink”.