don't call me a drone

This is my pal Adam Krolfifer.

Adam, and I always call him “Adam” because there ain’t no way I can pronounce that last name, is a video marketing guy.  He produces videos for businesses usually as long commercials for their websites.  But what is especially exciting about his videos is his use of a drone.  In a partnership with Bret Lyman, they have purchased two drones (essentially radio controlled helicopters with a camera attached to the bottom) that allow them to capture these amazing videos of vineyards.  To see some examples of his work, go to ActionChopper or 360Kreative.

Adam left the depressing world of local TV news reporting to start his own companies.  While I often hear him screaming at Final Cut Pro, he actually really does enjoy his work.

Adam is a great guy.  We share studio space at ToutSuite along with Susan Quinn and Didier Loustau.  Adam has rescued me when guests of the Catchlight Show (my video program about photography) have suddenly chickened out.  He told me recently that he had been professionally shooting video for over 20 years.  I didn’t know 7 year olds could be hired for any job let alone as a cameraman.  Then he told me his real age.

This is the latest in my weekly portrait series of Facebook friends.  To see the others, check out the album.

This one's called “Don’t Call Me a Drone".