behind the scenes

This is my friend, Jerae Knutson.
Jerae is the Tasting Room and Events Lead at Sullivan Vineyards as well as the Assistant to the VP of Operations at Bourassa Vineyards.  Only having two jobs is actually pretty good for Jerae, because she usually has three or four going at any one time.  
I first met Jerae about five years ago at the premiere of Linda Cordair’s infamous Tweetups.  There were maybe five of us there that night, but the only one I remember is Jerae (and Linda.)  At the time, she was working for Costco but had aspirations of quitting and getting a job in the wine industry.  A few months later, she did just that.  Now, she’s living the dream…making little money but drinking lots of good wines and having fun doing it.
Everybody knows Jerae.  And everybody loves Jerae.  She’s just an extremely pleasant person who always has a smile on her face.   She’s generous and kind and a good mom to her son, Kel.  
This one's called "Behind the Scenes".