an artist's reflection

This is Penelope Moore.

Penelope is an artist.  Her mediums are paint, photography, and life.  I love, love, love her work.
But perhaps what I love more than her work is her work ethic.  Not too many people are professional artists.  It's not an easy career.  The pay is low and the pressures are immense, but the passion keeps you alive.  Many people don't like to be defined by their jobs.  Penelope ain't one; she's proud to be an artist.

She's also an entertainer of sorts.  Sure, you can see her work, but you can also watch her work.  She is often found around the valley painting at Empire and other events.  It's very cool to see a piece of art come alive on the canvas right in front of your eyes.  Because everyone loves her so much, it might take a while as her groupies like to chatter.

Plus, she rides a Vespa.  How cool is that?!

To see/purchase her art, head on over to

This one's called "An Artist's Reflection".